5 The advice of the Taurat

5 The advice of the Taurat

Al-Hasan Al-Basri (may Allah give mercy to him), he said;

مكتوب في التوراةخمسة احرف, ان الغنية في القناعة وان السلامة في العزلة, وان الحرمة في رفض الشهوات, وان التمتع في ايام طويلة, وان الصبر في ايام قليلة

"Written in the law of five letters, which is actually located in qona'ah adequacy, safety actually means to be in 'solitude, the real privilege to be in the abandonment of lust, real pleasure to be in the days long, and indeed patience is within days a little."

Qona'ah, fast with the part of God, and keep it that way if you do not get something that is expected. Solitude, is to deliberately isolate themselves from human relations. While patient here, is the persistence of the load when performing religious orders, dogged by misfortune and load while avoiding the ban on religion.

Source; Nashoihul 'Ibad book
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